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Works in which I'm acknowledged

Here's a list of works the authors of which I've helped.  It is very important to note that these are not works of mine.  Rather these are works where I've helped the authors by spotting  minor errors and suggesting changes, and where the authors felt my assistance was useful to the degree they chose to acknowledge it.

  • Jordan Howard Sobel, Logic and Theism, (Cambridge University Press: Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2004). Professor Sobel acknowledged me by email.
  • Melvin Fitting, Types, Tableaus, and Gödel's God (Kluwer: Dordrecht, The Netherlands, 2002). The errata are online.
  • Edward Zalta and David Anderson, "Frege, Boolos, and Logical Objects", Journal of Philosophical Logic, 33/1 (February 2004): 1-26.  A preprint is online.
  • Edward Zalta, "Essence and Modality'', Mind, 115/459 (July 2006): 659-693.  This is online in both published and preprint versions.  A couple of symbols were dropped in the published version which can be found in the preprint.
  • Edward Zalta, Principia Metaphysica.  I suggested changes to this still unfinished book.   A version of this book not incorporating the corrections is online.  I believe this will be a very important book.  Prof. Zalta's work has also caught the attention of Neal Stephenson, as he mentions in this latest novel, Anathem.